What RRA Is & How It Works.

The Rural Resilience Activity (RRA) aims to protect economic recovery and growth in vulnerable, conflict-affected areas and sustainably move people out of poverty through expanded agriculture and agribusiness opportunities in Northeast Nigeria. The Activity interventions are delivered in line with the market system development framework, placing at its center the need to unlock bottlenecks that weaken market relationships and limit profitable, inclusive participation. The Activity seeks to improve the resilience capacities of conflict-affected households, communities, and market systems using market-led approaches layered with complementary investments in humanitarian assistance to contribute to economic recovery and growth. The RRA supports innovative food processing companies to adopt backward integration, increase food production, improve the efficiency of their operations, value addition enabling technologies, and sell nutritious foods to households and communities across the Northeast.

Chime Foods is the manufacturer of the Sterling brands Fonio, Dates, and Nutri Pap. Chime Food products are 100% natural without chemical additives for the health-conscious and discerning consumer. Its range of NAFDAC-approved products is made for the convenience of all our customers. Chime Foods stays true to its brand promise through the entire production chain, from input sourcing to final distribution, by deploying core values of professionalism, integrity, excellence, and quality service to ensure that only the very best foods are made available to customers.

The business case aims to support 1000 smallholder farmers of ground nut with technical assistance, aflasafe and the engagement of 200 youths in the 4 Northeast States of Borno, Adamawa, Yobe, and Gombe as Direct Sales Agents (DSA) for Chime Foods existing products (Acha grain, Acha flour, Date powder and Nutri Pap). The 1000 smallholder farmers are to be trained on the importance, use, and farming of aflatoxin-free groundnuts using climate-smart practices, and on appropriate use of aflasafe in groundnut farming. This training is aimed towards the eradication of aflatoxin which made locally farmed groundnuts unfit for consumption, unfit as a high-value cash crop, and unfit for exports. Through this intervention, Chime Foods Limited strives to reduce malnutrition across the northeast states with existing products. The partnership will create about 2,000 direct jobs within the first year as farmers, Direct Sales Agents, aggregators, processors, distributors, field coordinators, transporters, and improve the livelihoods of about 15,000 households in the long run. Chime Foods intends to meet local demand for raw Aflatoxin-free Groundnuts in Nigeria and explore the possibility of exports.

  • Objective 1: Increased access to technical assistance and aflasafe inputs to at least 1000 smallholder farmers engaged in groundnut production.
  • Objective 2: Job creation and market activation through the engagement of Direct Sales Agents for already existing Chime Foods products in the four Northeast States of Borno, Yobe, Adamawa and Gombe states.
  • Objective 3: Change product pack sizes of existing Chime Foods nutrient-dense products to make it affordable to small households.

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